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Battle Branch Fellowship Hall Regulations

The Battle Branch Baptist Church Fellowship Hall is available to use by the Members and congregation of Battle Branch Baptist Church. The facility is for the glory and worship of God and to serve the fellowship and social needs of the congregation.

To reserve The Fellowship Hall, contact Travis or Gayla Bleckley. If approved, your reservation will be scheduled on the calendar at that time. Arrangements for the key should be made the week prior of your reservation.

Rules For Use of Facility: 

  • The Fellowship Hall shall be available without charge to any member or regular attendee of Battle Branch Church for showers, receptions, anniversary or birthday celebrations, or family reunions. Any event that does not follow within those indicated will be decided on a case by case basis.
  • Members or attendee of Battle Branch Church will not reserve Fellowship Hall for persons, groups or organizations they are not personally involved with. The key will be in the possession of the person reserving fellowship hall and will not passed to anyone else.
  • Any person/organization using the Hall will be responsible for following the checklist to make sure all clean up is completed and the Hall is ready for the next event. Activities should be confined to the Fellowship Hall. The Basement area is off limits.
  • Any person that reserves the hall is responsible for arranging the hall to suit their needs. The Fellowship Hall will be returned to the condition in which it was found.
  • Church sponsored activities get priority over any other activities. Paper Products (plates,cups, & napkins) and ice are provided for church sponsored activities only. Please replace any items that are used.

Guidelines for Fellowship Hall Use 

  • All renters are responsible for their guests/participants and all damages, trash and/or disarray that may occur in ANY area of the fellowship hall building or outside property.
  • Arrange the Hall to suit your needs but leave the Hall as found, cleaned, swept, mopped and in good order.
  • Empty all trash cans into the Dumpster located at the bottom parking lot. New garbage bags are located in the kitchen/closet. Do not leave any garbage at the fellowship hall.
  • Wash all dishes and other kitchen utensils and return them to the appropriate place.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed amd locked and all lights are turned off when you leave.
  • Turn AC off in the summer and heat to 60 degree in the winter. Make sure the hot water heater is turned off.
  • Check bathrooms to make sure toilets are flushed and all water is shut off. Trash in the bathrooms should be picked up and placed with other trash in the outside containers.
  • Wipe off all tables, chairs and cabinets.
  • Check entire building and grounds for any disarray or trash that may be left by a guest.
  • Report to Lamar Alley or any deacon of any breakage or damage.
  • Fellowship hall is not to be used for any function in which money is changed to attend or for the sale of any products.
  • NO alcoholic beverage on church grounds.
  • NO smoking inside of building (including bathrooms)
  • Church is not responsible for accidents.
  • NO church property will be removed from premises.
  • NO dancing
  • Music and all activities on the Church property will Glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • NO roller skates or any shoes with wheels built in.

Arrangement for the key will be made at the time of reservation. A designee will check the Hall after each event.

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